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Do you want to rent a car/van? DILIO brings you the easiest way how to order your rental online and get 10% OFF instantly. All vehicles come with insurance included in rental price. Just write to ordering email you are ordering as DILIO medicine student and you will receive your instant discount.

RENTAL VEHICLES INCLUDE: extended liability insurance required by law (all vehicles), prepaid toll stamp for Slovak highways (all vehicles), GPS (optional), snow chains (optional), child seat (optional).

GENERAL RULES & PROCEDURE - All orders must be made at least 2 business days ahead, to guarantee successful processing and available vehicle.
- Rental vehicles can be delivered to your address in between 08:00 to 19:00.
- Rental vehicles must be returned to address written in confirmation email. That in time specified in confirmation email. In case there's no such time specified it need to be done between 08:00 to 19:00.
- Your order total has to be paid to the rental company associate the day you'll take over the rented vehicle in cash (debit/credit cards are not accepted).
- Desired vehicle type will be brought to the address you've wrote to ordering email, at starting time & date you've also entered in such email. Associate will call you once in front of your place.
- If in the time you requested rental vehicle won't be available, rental company reserves a right to contact you and offer the closest possible options.


- Rented vehicle needs to be returned in the same condition /clean & no damages/ and with the same amount of fuel as when taken over. If the fuel amount will differ too much you will be charged extra.
- If you return rented vehicle after scheduled time & date one extra day charge will apply.
- If rented vehicle wont be clean when returned, rental company reserves right to charge 10€ fee for cleaning procedure.
- In case there will be damage made on the rented vehicle, when returned, insurance policy conditions will apply /if you get hit by other driver you pay no contribution fee, if you hit other driver the contribution fee is 160€, remember in both cases you need to call local police dept. to the accident site, report it and make sure all insurance forms are properly filled by local police officers/. Please contact rental company staff for further details.
- When you return rented vehicle to the address written in confirmation email (use GPS), please call staff number (also in email). Once there associate will come to take over the returned vehicle. You will also be offered with a free ride back to your place, just state the address.

Email must contain